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I made Linzer cookies from scratch over the holidays and photographed every step, then forgot to share the photos!

It was SO MUCH fun to do, though admittedly leaning over my counter to do everything aggravated my back/hips (my countertops are too low, but I can’t really do baking from a stool). I even made the jam from scratch using a microwave recipe I found linked on the Consumerist website. Lemme tell ya, jam made from that Dole Mixed Berry package is extremely tasty for pb&js and on waffles and everything. I removed all the seeds and chunky bits for one jar of jam, to use for the cookies, but mixed them back in for the remaining jar and a half.

The Linzer cookies turned out pretty good, too, though I think next time I might put more vanilla in the batter and use almond extract instead of actual ground almonds (which were expensive and I didn’t like the texture).

Jam recipe:

I can’t find my link to the linzer cookie recipe, but it was on a tourism site for Austria. :(

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