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Fountain Pen #8: Pilot Metropolitan, Black Zig-Zag

I was thinking that I should start cataloguing all my ink samples, but realized I haven’t even finished with my pens! I left off in the autumn of 2012, but trust me that that was barely the start of my serious pen-collecting.

Here’s a previous post discussing my Pilot Metropolitan, and comparing it to my Pilot Cocoon.

So here’s #8, my first Pilot Metropolitan. I decided to buy it because I needed a new pen, for one, and it was only $15. I liked the sleek design, too, but mostly it was only $15 and came with a converter and it was new.

The thing swiftly became one of my absolute favorite writing instruments ever. I have very few complaints - only that it can be difficult to clean because the nib isn’t designed to be removed - and ended up not only buying the Cocoon version from Jetpens in spring 2013, but bought a second black zigzag Metropolitan when word came out that the pattern would be discontinued. I didn’t want to risk having it broken or stolen and then having to settle for one of the new animal prints or a solid band. I really love the simple design of the zigzags.

I’m considering trying one of the new fine nib versions, but I really don’t care for the animal pattern styles, so I dunno. Maybe I’ll get it in plain silver or something, eventually.

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